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*Note:    Bank of Korea Currency Series Designation System

   On May 1, 1993 the Bank of Korea made a change in how it designates all of its banknote and coin series issued after the June 10, 1962 Currency Reform;  i.e., the (new) won currency.   In this currency naming system, the Bank of Korea designates coin series according to changes in the design or metal composition of each denomination, and not by the conventional grouping of coins into a series by issue dates or similar designs.   The series numbers are expressed with alphabetically-ordered Korean characters, e.g. 가, 나, 다, 라, 마, 바, 사.   As an example, the 10-Won coin issued in 1983 can be expressed as "Series III (다) 10-Won," or the "Third Series (다) 10-Won" because it is the third time that the 10-Won coin has changed in metal composition or design since the introduction of the won coins in 1966.

100-Hwan coin / 백환화


50-Hwan coin / 오십환화


10-Hwan coin / 십환화

500-Won coin / 오십원화

100-Won coin  Series I (가) / 가 백원화

100-Won coin  Series II (나) / 나 백원화

50-Won coin  Series I (가) / 가 오십원화

50-Won coin  Series II (나) / 나 오십원화

10-Won coin  Series I (가) / 가 십원화

10-Won coin  Series II (나) / 나 십원화

10-Won coin  Series III (다) / 다 십원화

10-Won coin  Series IV (라) / 라 십원화

Five-Won coin  Series I (가) / 가 오원화

Five-Won coin  Series II (나) / 나 오원화

Five-Won coin  Series III (다) / 다 오원화

    One-Won coin  Series I (가) / 가 일원화

One-Won coin  Series II (나) / 나 일원화

One-Won coin  Series III (다) / 다 일원화

Article by Mark Lovmo (2017)

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